Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Summer is finally here...

I haven't been around much, end of school and birthday party kind of kept me away.
Us Canucks just celebrated Canada Day and I decorated our mantel, to keep with our calendar mantel this year.
The main focus for this theme is the wooden Canadian flag.  I made this out of old trim, nailed them together. When it came time for painting the maple leaf, which in my opinion is one of the hardest things to do, I just took some thin cardboard and folded it in half, drew half of a maple leaf to assure that it was symmetrical on both sides, traced it on the wood and painted free hand.  I then scuffed it up a bit to have it look rustic.
To attach this fairly heavy flag to the mirror, I used Velcro.  The rest of the elements were purchases from the dollar store, the moose crossing sign,( cheesy I know), but us canucks see a lot of these signs on our roads, and how do you celebrate Canada day without mini flags?  I also found a cute wood frame, very woodsy looking, I just used some bristol board for the back and painted the word EH! as we are known for that catch phrase, eh?
I also made some leaves out of tin pie plates. I was going for that 3D look.  I wasn't totally thrilled how they turned out, but they were kind of cute, so I used them.
                                                                          I punched holes through the leaves. Originally going to hang them as a garland but it did not work out.

I made a triangle bunting for our spring mantel in April...
                     I printed out the letters for spring and glued them to the triangle burlap, so for the Canada day theme, I printed out Canadian flag inspired triangles and replaced the letters with them and hung them from the mirror..I really like this triangle burlap bunting alot, I plan on using for my summer mantel...
Lastly, I found a melamine Canadian themed plate at our local grocery store for 3 dollars, and glass floral to mimic fireworks somewhat...Hope this inspires you to get in the patriotic mood..

Happy Canada Day


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