Friday, 4 July 2014

A girl and her kitties...

In May our daughter turned 7, the theme of her party was cats. When she came to me with the idea I didn't think it was a great idea at first, but she knew that our two kittens were one in may, she thought we should have a party for them too, so when I did a little research, I found lots of outlets to bring this party to life. The first thing I saw was "kitten adoptions". I tried to find cheap stuffed animal kittens online, although there was a great source for bulk stuffies, they of course did not ship to Canada, boo. So being a crocheter, I decided I would crochet the kittens, all 12 of them. Yeah, well, a daunting task it was, I started on them in February, very slow process, until shopping one day at our local dollar store, I found stuffed kittens for $1.50 each, couldn't beat that price, so scrap the crocheted cats, 12 stuffies bought, phew.
the kittens are ready for adoption
 That was the biggest element for the party, now to start the planning.  We discussed colour themes, went back and forth, found some nice stationary at the dollar store.  Black damask and fuchsia, very girl inspired.
black and fuchsia decorations.

 I made adoption certificates, invitations and signage on my computer.
each girl received a certificate with their adopted kitty

Our little adoption centre, tres chic.
The table was the focal point,  we made cat cup cozies, and there was cheese and toy mice.
cup cozies made with black bristol board

mice and cheese

goldfish crackers in a fish bowl

the birthday girl presenting the party table.
For the birthday cake, I wanted to get someone to make it but I was too late getting it ordered, so I had to make it myself, of course cat themed.  On the internet I went, nothing was catching my eye until I found a dual cat cake, with coconut for the fur, mind you, I omitted the coconut as children are not fans of this.
these are the colors of our cats. 

To make this cake I started with a 13x9 cake pan.  Then I made a cat template the size of the pan, with a serrated knife, I cut around the pattern.  With the left over cake, I made a tail.  I colored some icing orange and black.  A big hit with the kids.
Kitty mascots cut out of foam board.

Birthday girl with the mascots.
At Easter time for decorations, I cut out giant sized bunny peeps.
So that gave me the idea to cut out cat mascots for the party, as I knew our real cats were not going to be very good party goers with 13 little girls running around the house.
Lastly, we made our treat bags and put a couple of pixie stixs in them, along with their newly adopted kitten and adoption certificate and sent them on their way.
a very successful party.

Side note:  The morning of the birthday party, I woke up with strep throat.  A very rough day, but I made it through, crashed on the couch after the girls went home.

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