Monday, 3 March 2014

Let's go Minecrafting

Back in September 2013, our son Ryan turned 10, so for his birthday party he asked for Minecraft themed.  So mining I went, but it was on pinterest for ideas.  Lots and lots of ideas on there, just how was I going to put it all together.  First thing I looked for was the cake.  I try to make my own, and I haven't ventured in to fondant yet so it had to be in my realm of cake making so I found a how to video on youtube of a three dimensional cake.
My version.

aerial view
This was made over a couple days, on account of the jello and rice krispie treats.  The good thing about this dessert was that the kids had a choice of three things to eat. All of the minecraft animals and Steve was found on, there are images to download and make into 3D characters. (oh I forgot about creeper).

I went with a treat table,
apple lollipops for apples, pixie stixs for sticks, licorice for tnt, and mini chocolate chip cookies

giant sized creeper head in the window.
The dollar store is my party supplier as I am not near a Michaels or any other party supplier.  The dried plant used for the centerpiece was the "wheat" they use in the game I guess.  I don't play it but I hear a lot of chatter about it.
stone and grass
In the outdoor section of the dollar store are these plastic turf squares, I thought it would look great along the treat table, I purchased some decorative stone and shaped it into a square and placed in between the grass. for the "stone and grass" element of the game.

When I was making my 3D characters, I came across a printable the minecraft torches.
added orange tissue paper for flame

I threw in some creeper balloons also, some cheesy sticks for carrots.
drew creeper face with permanent marker

This was a fun party to put together, pinterest has tons of ideas for minecraft parties. If you are looking for some thing in particular you're bound to find it there.  The next party we're planning in the Savoy family is for our soon to be 7 year old and it has to do with cats, if you've read my "about me" blurb we have two of the cutest cats and they are turning one, so our daughter thought we would celebrate them also. Stay tuned, I will try to post as I progress...

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