Sunday, 2 March 2014

Feeling Lucky...

I'm back for another calender mantel. I can not believe it's March..Spring is just around the corner, I am getting tired of winter I must say.  So if you visited last month you would have seen my February mantel.
My Faux Chocolate bar.

Onto March,  St. Patty's day is not my favorite time to decorate but since Easter is not till April this year, I had to try and get in the spirit so here it is,
March Mantel 2014
The focal point to this Month's mantel is the pouch full of "gold", I made it will burlap, greenery from the dollar store that resembled some what like clover, and pirate loot.  I originally saw this idea hanging on a door, but it is still quite cold here and I don't normally decorate outside for St. Patrick's day so I brought it indoors. 
The inside of the pouch/sack was made with a large ziplock bag and crumpled up newspaper to give it the shape, I then covered it with burlap, inserted the greenery, tied it up at the top, added green ribbon. The gold coins were hot glued in such away, to show them falling out of the pouch, I stuck some to the mirror to continue the cascading affect.

I added a printable that I've had for a few years now.  Accented with more greenery and browns.  I also added some real chocolate coins, loonies as us Canucks call them and trying to keep the kids away from them is a challenge.  Found some mini leprechaun hats and a Lucky sign decoration at the dollar store, couldn't resist. I hope I've given you some ideas for your St. Patty's day mantel, now we need to catch a leprechaun.  See you next month.

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