Monday, 27 January 2014

I'm not a "Party Momma"....but almost there.

When my 9 year old's birthday was coming up, he really wanted to have a real birthday party.  Now years preceding this occasion it was hard as his birthday usually falls near or on the first day of School, Sept 3rd, so it was hard finding kids when we've been out of school all summer, but now that he was turning 9, his friends roster was easier to obtain. So I said yes, now the planning, short term notice at that began.  We decided on a movie party.....
First you need a big screen..that's where our very own Smart board came into play (thanks to my smart board educator husband)
I'm not sure what movie is playing..
Second, I wanted to feel like they were going to a theater, so I made a sign out of red bristol board with gold glitter glue, to make it look like a marquee of sorts leading down to the movie room.
When the kids arrived they were given a movie admission ticket..made with red construction paper and printed with the Broadway font, the numbers on the side represented his birthdate.
So comes the food, what do we all enjoy most about going to the movies?...of course the concession stand.
 popcorn, soda, cotton candy

 I used packing popcorn to decorate the table.
pixie sticks were a huge hit. They didn't last long.
We also made hotdogs with our vintage looking hotdog cooker...they didn't turn out that great but it went with the nostalgia of the movie party.
For dessert, they had cupcakes, thanks to pinterest I found the idea for my popcorn cupcakes.
 These were very fun to make.
So this was my son's first "real" birthday party, and it was a big hit with the friends.. I think I scored big with the boy.  I even had his name in lights.
Excuse the painters tape, I guess i forgot a piece.
This particular image has gotten a few hits on pinterest since I uploaded it a year and a half ago.
 over a hundred...Thanks for pinning.

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